2000 Kg Tomatoes Looted from Truck in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Miscreants looted around 2,000 kg of tomatoes in Bengaluru, while the stock was being transported to a market.

As per reports, this tomato robbery took place on July 8 in the RMC Yard police station area near Chikkajala.

A farmer transporting his tomatoes from Hiriyur to the Kolar market was targeted on the road.

Three miscreants followed the tomato-loaded truck in a car. After stopping the truck, the miscreants assaulted the farmer falsely claiming that the truck had hit their car.

Then the miscreants forcefully boarded the vehicle of the farmer loaded with tomatoes and drove it away, leaving the farmer and the driver on the road.

This was major loot as the price of tomatoes has touched Rs 120 to Rs 150 per kg in Karnataka. Now Karnataka farmers have started guarding their tomato crop throughout day and night as miscreants are targeting tomato fields for easy money.

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