Brush Teeth Properly to Avoid Lethal Strokes!

Poor oral hygiene can increase stroke risk. Oral health is linked to brain health. This is revealed through preliminary research, which will be presented at the International Stroke Conference 2023 organised by American Stroke Association.

This study highlights the impact of oral hygiene on the brain and how one shouldn’t neglect this aspect of their lifestyle.

Studies in the past have hinted that gum disease and poor oral health could increase stroke risk. But till now there was no evidence of the connection between oral hygiene and brain health.

Cyprien Rivier, a postdoctoral fellow in neurology at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, has come up with this new study.

“What hasn’t been clear is whether poor oral health affected brain health, meaning the functional status of a person’s brain, which we are now able to understand better using neuroimaging tools such as magnetic resonance imaging or MRI,” said Cyprien Rivier. He will present his study at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2023 to link oral hygiene to brain health.

It is hinted that genetically poor oral health increased damage to the brain that may affect memory, balance, and mobility.

Environmental factors such as smoking and health conditions such as diabetes are much stronger risk factors for poor oral health than rare genetic conditions associated with poor oral health, such as defective or missing enamel. So, paying attention to oral hygiene and health is the need of the hour.

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