Cancel Licences of Striking Lawyers; SC Directs Bar Council of India (BCI)

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday directed the Bar Council of India (BCI) to withdraw the licences of striking lawyers in Odisha, who continue agitation for the High Court bench despite being cautioned by the apex court.

“100% work has to resume and there is no other option,” remarked Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul. Justice Kaushal also directed the police to provide necessary protection to judicial officers and others so that agitating lawyers are prevented from obstructing the court functioning.

The Supreme Court also directed the district administrations to ensure the smooth functioning of courts by providing protection to judicial officers and litigants. The local administrations were directed to impose prohibitory orders and make preventive detentions, if necessary.

Following a petition filed by the Orissa High Court, on November 14, the apex court directed the striking lawyers to join court work by November 16. The Sc had also warned the striking lawyers that non-compliance would invite proceedings for contempt and the BCI will take action for suspension and cancellation of their licences.

But defying the SC directive members of Sambalpur District Bar Association (SDBA) had resolved to continue their strike for the high court bench demand.

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