CM Naveen Patnaik Greets People of Odisha on Pakhala Dibasa

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik greeted the people of Odisha on the occasion of Pakhala Dibasa.

In a tweet, CM Naveen Patnaik tweeted, “Pakhaal is one of the unique dishes of Oriya cuisine. It is unique in the diversity of our food. #ପଖାଳଦିବସ (Pakhala Dibasa) conveying my best wishes to all and calling for everyone’s determination and concerted efforts towards the spread of orthodox food. #PakhalaDibasa. “

Pakhaḷa is an Odia dish consisting of cooked rice washed or lightly fermented in water. It is popularly served with dry roasted vegetables—such as potato, brinjal, badi and saga bhaja or fried fish.

The food item is considered good to beat the summer heat. So to promote it, Pakhala Dibasa is celebrated.

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