Driver of ATM Cash Vehicle Missing with Rs 1.5 Cr Currency Notes in Patna

Patna: The driver of a vehicle transporting Rs 1.5 crore worth currency notes for refilling ATMs in Patna city disappeared with the money on Monday. Although police managed to locate the deserted van through GPS, its driver, Suraj Kumar along with the cash box containing Rs 1.5 crore could not be located.

According to Patna police sources, the custodian Amresh Kumar Singh, cashier Sonu Kumar and Dilip Kumar, gunman Subhash Yadav and driver Suraj Kumar reached ICICI bank Danka Imli Chowk around 3.30 pm on Monday. They job was to withdraw cash from the deposit kiosks and put it into ATM withdrawal kiosks.

As there was parking issue at Danka Imli Chowk, driver Suraj Kumar parked the van some distance away from the bank. All other employees went inside the bank leaving the driver Suraj Kumar with the van. After half an hour, when they returned to the place, Suraj and the van were missing. When the driver could not be contacted over the phone, Patna police were informed about the incident.

The FIR has been registered in the Alamganj police station. The police are investigating with multiple angles, including that Suraj Kumar could be the mastermind of the heist or was abducted by other criminals at gunpoint who looted the cash from the van.

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