First Legal Recreational Ganja Shop Opens in New York  

New York in America got its first legal recreational marijuana store on Thursday. More than a year back New York state had legalized ganja.

The licensed retailer can only sell marijuana that licensed New York producers grew and processed. This marijuana dispensing unit was opened in New York City’s East Village by Housing Works, an NGO that works for the homelessness and AIDS patients. Last month the New York state awarded marijuana retail licenses to 36 groups or individuals.

New York’s legal marijuana sales will be taxed at 13.5%. Revenue generated from it will go to schools, public housing, de-addiction services, and mental health services.

After legalizing marijuana in March 2021, New York lawmakers wanted it to be sold by licensed retailers to adults over 21 years old. It was decided that the first licenses would be awarded to entrepreneurs with prior marijuana-related arrests or convictions.

Apart from New York, cannabis has been fully legalized by 20 other states in America. But it remains illegal under American federal law. So, legal vendors of marijuana cannot have business loans and other banking services.

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