India In-Touch With Quartet & UN For Safety Of Indians In Violence-Ridden Sudan

New Delhi: In the midst of growing tension and unrest in Sudan, India is collaborating with various countries and the United Nations to ensure the safety of its nationals in the conflict-ridden country.

Sources said Quartet countries of the US,  UK,  Saudi Arabia, and UAE have a key role and efforts are being made to engage them accordingly.

It also said that India’s External Affairs Minister has spoken with his counterparts in Saudi Arabia and UAE, and both countries have assured practical support on the ground.

The Indian Government has also established a dedicated control room in New Delhi. The Embassy in Khartoum is in constant touch with the Indian community through multiple methods, including Whatsapp groups.

However, due to security concerns, no specific details of the individuals have been shared. The situation on the streets in Sudan is very tense, and movement is very risky at this stage.

In Sudan, at least 185 people were killed and 1,800 were injured in three days of fighting between rival factions of the states. The overall death toll could be much higher because clashes in Khartoum have prevented the removal of bodies in some areas.

The outbreak of violence over the weekend has trapped millions of people in their homes, while supplies are running low in several areas.

The regular army and the rival paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) issued statements accusing one another of violating the ceasefire. The army’s top command stated that operations to secure the capital and other districts would continue.

The conflict between Sudan’s military leader and his deputy on the ruling council erupted four days ago, derailing an internationally supported plan for a civilian democracy transition four years after Islamist autocrat Omar al-Bashir was deposed by mass protests and two years after a military coup.

The war has resulted in what the UN has termed a humanitarian disaster, including the near-collapse of the health system. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned the outbreak of fighting in Sudan and called for an immediate ceasefire to restore calm and dialogue to resolve the crisis.

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