“Indian Democracy Under Attack, Pegasus used to Spy on Me”: Rahul Gandhi at Cambridge

New Delhi: In his lecture at the Cambridge University, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made a scathing attack on the Centre. He alleged that the basic structure of Indian democracy was now under attack. He also claimed that Israeli spyware Pegasus was being used to snoop into his phone.

According to him, intelligence officers had warned him to be “careful” while using the phone as his calls were being tapped. He addressed MBA students at Cambridge Judge Business School on the topic of ‘Learning to Listen in the 21st Century’.

“I myself had Pegasus on my phone. A large number of politicians had Pegasus on their phones”, he said. He also added that the government was entangling opposition leaders in different cases. “I have got a number of criminal liable cases for things that should under no circumstances be criminal liable cases. That’s what we are trying to defend,” the Congress leader said in his address.

Rahul alleged further that constraints were being put on the Parliament, press, and Judiciary in the country.

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