Indians Protest Over Ukraine Defence Ministry’s Kali Tweet

New Delhi:  Indians have reacted strongly against a tweet by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence. The tweet had a picture depicting Goddess Kali, calling the post “an assault on Hindu sentiments”.

The Ukraine defense ministry’s tweet, which has now been deleted, was captioned “Work of art” with an image of Goddess Kali superimposed over a blast fume.

“This is an assault on Hindu sentiments around the world,” said Kanchan Gupta, senior advisor, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

Kanchan Gupta said the pictures show “the real face of the Ukraine government”, which came days after the country’s deputy foreign minister Emine Dzhaparova came to India. “Goddess Kali in a manner no foreign government or country has ever done,” he added. He also branded the Ukraine ministry’s actions as “brazen hate speech”.

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