ISRO to Launch 9 Satellites From Sriharikota Today

New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch 9 satellites from Sriharikota today. The organization is all set to launch PSLV C 54 with Earth observation satellite Oceansat and eight other nanosatellites in two different orbits.

The 24-hour countdown for the launch which commenced yesterday at the launch center will end today enabling a smooth lift-off.  The propellant filling process took place at the four-stage launch vehicle. Scientists at ISRO are busy monitoring last-minute tests for a successful launch.

ISRO’s successful workhorse PSLV’s XL version will lift off exactly at 11.56 today from the first launch pad of the Space Centre. The satellites will be put in sun-synchronous polar orbits in two hours and 20 minutes.

The one thousand 117 kg payloads include an Ocean monitor, sea surface monitor, Ku Band Scatterometer, and ARGOS – a french payload. ARGOS will reinforce the existing fleet of Indo-French satellites working on weather surveillance that are already in orbit thus enhancing the contributions related to the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The Anand nanosatellite is a technology demonstrator for commercial applications of miniaturized earth observation cameras for earth observation using a microsatellite in low earth orbit. The Thybolt has a communication payload to enable rapid technology demonstration and constellation development for multiple users. Astrocast, a 3u spacecraft is a technology demonstrator for the Internet of Things as the payload.

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