Korean Mother Kills Her Newborns & Stores Their Bodies in Freezer

A South Korean mother in her 30s allegedly killed two of her newborn babies and stored their bodies in a freezer for years.

She killed the newborns a day after their birth, reported CNN. As per reports, she has confessed to the crime and said that she resorted to this gruesome act because of her financial difficulties.

This killer mother already has three other children, aged 12, 10 and 8.

The first newborn, a baby girl, was killed by this mother in November 2018. This baby was her fourth child. She is accused of repeating the same with her fifth child born in November 2019.

The accused strangled the babies a day after their birth and then hid their bodies y in the freezer of her home.

She told her husband that she had aborted the babies.

Her crime was revealed during an inspection by the government’s Board of Adult and Inspection. It was found that although there was a record of their births of these two babies in the hospital, their birth was never recorded in official registers.

A search of her house led to the discovery of the corpse of the two newborns.

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