Laptop Causes Midair Fire Accident in US Plane; 4 Flight Attendants Injured

A laptop triggered a fire accident in the cabin of a Newark-bound United Airlines flight in the US on Tuesday. Four flight attendants were injured in this midair fire accident, reported CNN. The plane had to return back to San Diego airport.

Shortly after the takeoff, a fire broke out in the laptop of a passenger traveling on United Airlines Flight 2664. “United Airlines Flight 2664 returned safely to San Diego International Airport around 7:30 a.m. local time after a customer’s battery pack ignited, ” said United Airlines spokesperson Charles Hobart to USA Today.

Around four flight attendants were injured while trying to contain the fire that emerged from the laptop. After the plane landed at San Diego airport, the flight attendants were taken to the hospital. Two passengers were evaluated onsite.

FAA has clarified before the media that the fire was from a laptop battery. But the FAA will investigate the incident in detail.

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