Over 3K Indians Evacuated From Sudan So Far Under Operation Kaveri

New Delhi: Over 3,200 Indians have been evacuated from Sudan so far under Operation Kaveri. The Embassy of India in Khartoum said that till yesterday, Indians moved out of Port Sudan using five Indian Naval Ships and 13 Indian Air Force aircraft including one from Wadi Sayyidna military airbase.

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Sudan’s Khartoum will be temporarily relocated to Port Sudan.

The decision was taken in view of the prevailing security situation in Sudan, including attacks in Khartoum city. The Ministry said the situation will be assessed in the light of further developments. The conflict in Khartoum and other parts of Sudan started on 15th April, the External Affairs Ministry said.

It is worth mentioning that the government had launched ‘Operation Kaveri’ and swiftly stationed Indian Naval Ships and Indian Air Force Aircrafts for the evacuation of Indians stranded in Sudan.

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