Putin Breaks Promise: Russia Attacks Ukraine Even After Declaring Cease Fire

Russia resumed the attack on eastern parts of Ukraine even after announcing a 36-hour ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas. This cease-fire was the first major attempt for peace in the more than 10-month-long war that has claimed the lives of thousands.

Many orthodox Christians in Russia and Ukraine observe Christmas on January 6 and 7. On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared observation of a Christmas truce and cease fire during the period.

But even after this declaration by the Russian president, Moscow conducted air strikes in eastern regions of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy questioned the Kremlin’s intentions, accusing it of planning the fighting pause “to continue the war with renewed vigour.”

“Now they want to use Christmas as a cover to stop the advance of our guys in the [eastern] Donbas [region] for a while and bring equipment, ammunition, and mobilise people closer to our positions,” Zelenskyy said on Thursday.

US President Joe Biden also criticized Russia for this attack, saying it was “interesting” that Putin was ready to bomb hospitals, nurseries, and churches on Christmas and New Year’s.

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