Rakhi Sawant’s Hubby Arrested; She Alleges He Tried to Attack Her

Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant’s husband, Adil Durrani, was arrested by police following a complaint of marital violence lodged by the actress. The actress claimed that their marriage was in turmoil. Adil was arrested on February 7 morning.

Police are investing the complaints that Rakhi made against her husband Adil.

Rakhi however claimed that Adil had come to her house to hit her. She said, “Aj subah who mujhe maarne aaya tha, mere ghar pe. Maine turant Police ko call kiya. (Today morning, he came to my house to hit me. I immediately called the police).”

Twice in the past, Rakhi had filed complaints against Adil. According to Rakhi, her husband Adil had taken money and jewellery worth Rs 4 lakhs from her.

Rakhi alleged that Adil had relations with several women. “Now, I do not want to make any kind of compromise with Adil. I just can’t live with a man who sleeps with so many girls” she said. It is hinted that Rakhi wants to separate from Adil.

Rakhi and Adil had married secretly in 2022. Around a month back, their wedding was reported by the media. After her mother’s death, Rakhi hinted at Adil’s extra-marital affair and claimed that he was being blackmailed.

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