Sashi Tharoor Takes Witty Dig at “Cow Hug Day” Fiasco

New Delhi: Following ample criticism from various quarters the Animal Welfare Board withdrew its appeal to people to celebrate “Cow Hug Day” on February 14. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor used his linguistic skills to tweet his take on the whole issue.

Sashi Tharoor quipped that the “let them hug their guy” instruction may have been misinterpreted as “gaay” by the persons who came up with this advisory of the Animal Welfare Board.

“Was the government cow-ed by the jokes made at its expense, or was it merely cow-ardice? My guess is the original appeal was an oral instruction: “Valentine’s Day: let them hug their guy” & the last word was misheard by a HindiRashtravadi as gaay,” Tharoor tweeted.


The Animal Welfare Board had said hugging a cow on February 14 would bring “emotional richness and increase individual and collective happiness.” It withdrew the appeal on Friday. February 14 is celebrated around the world as Valentine’s Day throughout the world.


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