‘Sex & Heavy Drinking’ of British MPs Worries PM Rishi Sunak

Britain Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reported to be ‘very concerned’ about the indulgence of British MPs in ‘sex and heavy drinking’ during foreign trips. It is feared that this practice of these politicians makes them vulnerable to blackmail.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said it is “very concerning” that MPs were reportedly met by “sex workers” in their hotel rooms and engaged in “heavy drinking” while on parliamentary trips abroad. As per a report in The Times, Sunak has expressed concern over the poor behaviour of these MPs on foreign trips.

Usually, these British MPs are on fact-finding trips abroad where they get hospitality paid for by foreign governments or companies.

The Times reported on Wednesday that some senior government figures were concerned that MPs and peers were involved in “sex and heavy drinking” on foreign visits. This incriminating evidence can be used against them for blackmail.

As per a report, it was claimed that one former Conservative MP asked where the nearest brothel was when he visited a country in south-east Asia and that a former minister stayed on after official trips to pursue his “interest in women”.


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