Taliban Bans Women Entry to Restaurants with Garden

Kabul (Afghanistan): The Taliban have barred entry of families and women into restaurants with gardens or green spaces in Herat province, Afghanistan.

The decision came after religious clerics complained of mixing genders in such places. Afghan officials say the curbs have been brought in place because of gender mixing or because women allegedly are not wearing the hijab.

So far, the ban is applicable to restaurants with green spaces in the Herat province only.

This is yet another restriction on Afghani women since the Taliban took power in August 2021. The Taliban have already shut girls out of classrooms beyond the sixth grade and women from universities.

Women have also been barred from most types of employment, including jobs at the United Nations. They are also banned from public spaces such as parks and gyms. Entry of children into online gaming arcades has also been barred due to alleged unsuitable content.

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