Turkey-Syria Earthquake Death Toll Crosses 28,000

More than 28,000 people are confirmed to have died in Turkey and Syria in the earthquake that hit the region on Monday. More than 30,000 people sustain injuries.

The death toll is expected to rise higher as people are still stranded under rubble. Thousands are also injured in this major quake. Snow and rain are adding problems to the rescue operations as well as reducing the chances of survival of people stranded under the debris of the quake.

Rescue efforts, on the fourth day, are being conducted round-the-clock to save those still trapped under the rubble.

The greatest devastations occurred near the earthquake’s epicentre in Gaziantep, where entire city blocks lay in ruins.

In Turkey, at least 3,000 buildings, including public hospitals, collapsed in seven cities.

India has initiated “Operation Dost” to help Turkey and Syria in the aftermath of the quakes. India has sent rescue troops, medical teams and supplies of other necessary materials to Turkey and Syria.

The Indian Army has set up a field hospital in Hatay which is equipped with surgical and emergency wards.

The United States announced an initial $85 million package for emergency relief for Turkey and Syria.

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