US, Canada, UK Allow Khalistan Separatist Rallies, Despite India’s Protest

Khalistan freedom rallies were permitted in the US, Canada and the UK on Saturday despite India’s request to these countries for not allowing these rallies. India had warned that permission for these rallies could affect bilateral ties.

All these three countries advocated freedom of expression stating that they cannot stop such mobilisation if they are peaceful.

The biggest Khalistan rally was held outside the Indian consulates in Toronto and San Francisco. In Toronto, some Indians came out to protest against Khalistani supporters. The two groups lined up on opposite sides of the road in front of the Toronto consulate.

In London, the Khalistani rally was smaller while security was beefed up with barbed wires.

Ahead of Saturday’s rallies, there was an arson attack at the Indian consulate in San Francisco on July 2.

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