War between France & Germany, Elon Musk as US President: 2023 Predictions of Putin’s Aide

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who is a key loyalist of Vladimir Putin, has come up with some astonishing predictions for 2023. He foresees war between Germany and France next year as well as a civil war in the United States which would result in Elon Musk becoming president.

Medvedev is the deputy head of Putin’s advisory security council. He was Russia’s president for four years when Putin was the Prime Minister.

On New Year’s Eve, Medvedev has come up with his own predictions. But most of his predictions are wild and sound absurd.

He has published his predictions for 2023 on his personal Telegram and Twitter accounts.

He has also predicted Britain rejoining the EU, which would in turn collapse.

“Medvedev’s Telegram posts have found at least one reader, and indeed an admirer: Putin,” Pastukhov, a political science professor at London’s University College London, wrote on his own Telegram.

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