Watch: Robot Elephant Used in Kerala Temple for Rituals to Stop Cruelty Against Pachyderms

An 11-foot-tall ‘robotic elephant,” weighing 800 kg, made of an iron frame with a rubber coating has replaced live elephant at the Irinjadappilly Sri Krishna Temple in Kerela’s Thissur district. This is an effort to create awareness among people to end cruelty against animals.

This lively robot elephant has been gifted to the temple by PETA India with the help of actor Parvathy Thiruvothu. This robot elephant’s head, eyes, mouth, ears, and tail can move like a live animal. It can also take the load of four persons.

This robotic elephant is named “Irinjadappilly Raman”.  The “Nadayiruthal” or the ritualistic offering of an elephant to any Kerala temple was also performed for this robot elephant.

In a twitter statement, PETA India said, “JUMBO NEWS! Kerala’s Irinjadappilly Sree Krishna Temple will use a lifelike mechanical elephant to perform rituals, allowing real elephants to remain with their families in nature”.

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