Watch: Wedding in ICU to Fulfill Mother’s Last Wish

Patna: The wedding of a girl was performed outside the ICU of a private hospital in Bihar’s Gaya to fulfill the wish of a critically ill mother. The mother wanted to see her daughter married before her eyes. It was the last wish of the mother and she passed away a few hours after the marriage.

The daughter of the ailing woman was married to a man selected by her family. Getting happy to see her last wish fulfilled before her eyes, the woman in ICU breathed her last in satisfaction.

A video of this unique marriage ceremony is making rounds on social media.

Poonam was the ailing mother. Doctors had said she had a few hours to live. Coming to know about her situation, the woman had requested her family to get her daughter married in front of her. Her daughter’s wedding had been fixed but it was to be held at a later date.

When informed the groom’s family also agreed to the hurried wedding ceremony inside the hospital. The couple exchanged garlands for the ritualistic marriage in the presence of few family members from both the sides.


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