Wife Bites off Quarrelling Husband’s Tongue; Arrested

Lucknow: A man literally lost his tongue during a quarrel with his wife in the Thakurganj area of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. On Friday, this woman named Salma bit off the tongue of her husband, while he was persuading her to return back to his house along with their children.

The ill-fated husband was Munna. He and his wife were having marital tussles for the past few years. His wife Salma had left him and was staying at her parent’s home in Thakurganj. Munna had reached Thakurganj on Friday. He tried hard to get her back to his house. But she did not agree to his proposal and refused to return.

During their heated argument between the couple, Salma allegedly cut hold of his tongue and bit it so hard with her teeth that the tongue got severed and fell to the ground.

Seriously injured and profusely bleeding Munna also fell unconscious. He was immediately shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment by the police. Salma was arrested.


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