AI-Enabled Cameras Capture Intruders At Similipal Tiger Reserve

Baripada: In a recent incident highlighting the successful integration of AI technology in wildlife protection, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer and wildlife enthusiast Susanta Nanda shared on social media platform X the capture of intruders by AI-enabled cameras at Similipal Tiger Reserve in Odisha. The Odisha government has recently implemented AI-integrated cameras in protected areas to monitor forest fires, wildlife movements, and poacher activities.

Nanda’s post detailed how the intruders were quickly apprehended after their images were captured by the AI camera at 11:30 am. “AI-enabled camera sends the real time picture at 11:30 am. The intruders are apprehended in the next few minutes. Securing Simlipal Tiger Reserve,” he wrote, accompanied by photos of the two men.

These AI cameras are also instrumental in detecting forest fires, providing real-time alerts to forest personnel to take immediate action. The cameras can track unusual human activities, enhancing the protection of the forest.

Similipal National Park, spanning 2,750 square kilometres in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district, was designated a tiger reserve in 1956 and included under Project Tiger in 1973. It was declared a biosphere reserve by the Government of India in June 1994 and listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2009 due to its rich biodiversity and ecological significance.

The park is home to tropical semi-evergreen forests, tropical moist deciduous forests, dry deciduous hill forests, high-level sal forests, and expansive meadows. Its diverse wildlife includes tigers, leopards, elephants, gaur, various bird species, King cobras, orchids, and medicinal plants.

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