ASI to Start Repair Work of Natamandap of Puri Srimandir Tomorrow

Puri: The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) is set to initiate repairs on the Natamandap within the revered Puri Jagannath Temple starting tomorrow. Ensuring the seamless continuation of daily rituals for the deities is paramount, according to an ASI official briefing today.

Earlier today, a meeting of the Chhatisa Nijog convened to strategize the uninterrupted performance of daily rituals. Consequently, the primary gate of the sanctum sanctorum will be unlocked at 2:00 AM tonight. Repair work on the Natamandap is slated to commence around 1:00 PM the following day, with completion targeted by 7:00 PM.

Previously, temporary measures were undertaken, including the placement of stone pieces to mend the cracked upper portion of the Natamandap, coupled with a thorough cleaning. This time, the repair strategy involves affixing four stainless steel beams to fortify the stone structure. The design has already been finalized and approved, as confirmed by a senior ASI official.

Moreover, in a commendable move towards inclusivity, provisions have been made for differently-abled individuals to have regular access to the divine presence, with arrangements for a monthly visit to the Lords.

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