Concerns Escalate as Another Drone Video of Puri Srimandir Goes Viral

Puri: Yet another drone video showcasing the aerial view of the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri has stirred concerns regarding the shrine’s safety and security. The footage, shared on social media, depicts a young individual operating the drone to capture the majestic view of the temple.

Despite garnering significant likes and views on the youth’s social media profile, a formal complaint has been lodged at the Singhadwar Police Station due to the video’s violation of the designated no-fly zone above the Srimandir.

This incident echoes a similar occurrence in December 2022 when another drone video, taken in close proximity to the Puri Srimandir, went viral on various social media platforms. The videographer, identified as Animesh Chakrabarthy from West Bengal, shared the footage on his YouTube channel “Animesh YouTube,” which was later reposted by Krushna Chandra Padhy on social media.

Following the viral spread of images depicting the sanctum sanctorum (Garbha Gruha) of Puri Srimandir, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) swiftly took action, lodging a complaint with the Singhadwar Police.

Notably, in a separate incident, Akash Choudhury, a youth from Bangladesh, faced backlash after sharing photos of the temple’s interior on his Facebook account.

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