Odisha Man Arrested in Noida for Smuggling 350 KG Cannabis

Noida: In a significant operation, police arrested an individual and seized approximately 3.50 quintals of cannabis, which he and his associate allegedly smuggled from Andhra Pradesh to the National Capital Region (NCR). The estimated value of the confiscated contraband in the black market is ₹42 lakh. The successful operation was conducted on Sunday night by officials from the Narcotics Cell and the local Phase 2 police station. It led to the dismantling of an inter-state drug trafficking gang.

The arrested individual has been identified as 28-year-old Indrajeet Senapati from Odisha. However, his associate, Paritosh, originally from West Bengal but presently residing in Gejha village in Noida, managed to escape. The police apprehended the duo while they were transporting the cannabis near the Jaypee underpass. The seized drugs weighed a total of three quintals and forty-five kilograms.

Authorities impounded the two cars used by the smugglers for transportation. The gang had been under police surveillance for several months due to their increased activities. The operation was based on valuable inputs and interceptions. During questioning, Senapati revealed the location of a storage facility in Noida, where an additional quintal of cannabis was found.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Anil Kumar Yadav stated that the preliminary interrogation indicated possible connections between the arrested individuals and other drug cartels in Delhi-NCR. Further investigation is currently underway to uncover these potential links. The arrested suspect is being presented in a local court, while the search for the escaped associate continues.

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