Odisha Govt Presents Rs 16,800 Cr Supplementary Budget

Bhubaneswar: Amid ruckus by Opposition members over the Archana Nag issue, Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Minister Pradip Kumar Amat tabled a Supplementary Budget of Rs 16,800 crore for 2022-23 in the Odisha Assembly on Thursday.

Amat presented the supplementary budget on behalf of Finance Minister Niranjan Pujari.

At the same time, after its presentation, the proceedings of the Assembly has been adjourned till tomorrow.

The proposal for a supplementary provision of ₹16,800 crore placed in the Assembly for approval is as follows:

 (₹ in crore)
Category of Expenditure Provision
Administrative Expenditure 4,934.00
Programme Expenditure 9,200.00
Disaster Response Funds 2,610.46
Transfers from State 55.54
Total 16,800.00


  1. Need for Supplementary Budget:

Keeping in view the needs & expectations of the people in a welfare State, the Supplementary Budget is aimed at fulfilling the requirement of funds for public welfare and developmental activities in the State mainly through reallocation of available resources and receipt of tied-up resources from various sources. Following circumstances necessitated Supplementary provision: –

  1. i) Additional requirement of funds for completion of the important ongoing projects under state sector.
  2. ii) Post Budget announcements like drought relief packages to farmers for crop loss during Kharif season.

iii) Additional requirement for ongoing Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored Schemes and new CSS launched by Government of India.

  1. iv) Recoupment of advance taken from Odisha Contingency Fund.
  2. v) Accounting adjustment under different Demands.
  3. Financing the Supplementary Budget:

The allocations under Administrative Expenditure and Transfers to Local Bodies are to be financed against adjustment and surrender. Allocation under Disaster Management Funds to be financed against the differential year-end balance available in the State Disaster Risk Management Fund (SDRMF). The Supplementary provision of Rs.9,200 crore under Programme Expenditure is to be financed by tied up resources to the extent of Rs.2,066 crore and through additional revenue collection and savings to the extent of Rs.7,134 crore.

  1. Provision for Administrative Expenditure:

Total outlay for the Administrative Expenditure is ₹4,934 crore.

➢ ₹3700 crore is provided towards transfer to the Budget Stabilization Fund.

➢ ₹173 crore is provided for maintenance of schools and primary health care centres by the Gram Panchayats.

➢ ₹19 crore is provided towards conduct of examination by OPSC & SSC

➢ ₹12 crore is provided towards Grants to Board of Secondary Education, Odisha

➢ ₹4 crore is provided towards Medical Expenses for treatment of Boarders in ST & SC Hostel.

➢ ₹52 crore is provided towards Medical Education ,Training & Research

➢ ₹34 crore is provided towards Grants to OLIC

➢ ₹53 crore is provided towards Grants to different Universities under Higher Education Department.

  1. Disaster Risk Mitigation:

➢ Additional provision of ₹2,610 crore is proposed in the Supplementary Statement of Expenditure, 2022-23 against the differential year-end balance available in State Disaster Response Mitigation Fund.

➢ Rs.200 crore has been provided for assistance to the farmers affected with crop loss during Kharif season in 2021.

  1. Transfers from State:

➢ Total of ₹ 55.54 crore is provided towards Transfer to PRIs as per SFC Award in the Supplementary Statement of Expenditure, 2022-23.

  1. Provisions for Programme Expenditure and Priority Sectors: A. Farmers’ welfare & food security:

Total ₹306.65 crore has been allocated for irrigation facility, farmers’ welfare and food security.

➢ ₹91crore has been provisioned for Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana(PMKSY)

➢ ₹50 crore is provisioned for National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Technology(PMKUSUM)

➢ ₹164 crore is provided towards Supply of rice @ Rs.1/-per Kg (Procurement Operation Support Scheme)

  1. Health care facilities:

A total sum of ₹867 crore is allocated for public health care.

➢ For Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana ₹638 crore has been allocated and ₹68 crore is provided towards Infrastructure Development of Health Institutions, viz. Primary Health Centres, District Headquarter Hospitals and Medical Colleges.

➢ ₹51 crore is provided towards Mukhya Mantri Swasthya Seva Mission and ₹33 crore is provided towards Tertiary Health Care-Super Speciality Services.

➢ ₹10 crore is provided towards state share National Health Mission (NHM)

  1. Empowering women and children:

A total sum of ₹172 crore is allocated for empowerment of women and child development.

➢ ₹33 crore is provided under Mission Shakti Sambala Programme

➢ ₹27 crore is provided under Sakhsam Aganwadi & POSHAN 2.0

➢ ₹60 crore is provided under the scheme State Support to ICDS towards honorarium and allowances to Anganwadi Workers / Helpers and provision for new Gas connection in AWCs.

➢ ₹28 crore is provided for Conditional Cash Transfer for pregnant Women- MAMATA Scheme

➢ ₹10 crore is provided towards Biju Sishu Surakshya Yojana ‘ASHIRBAD’ for care and protection of Specially Cared Children whose parents have died during the Covid-19 pandemic

  1. ST & SC development:

Total ₹438 crore allocated for ST & SC Development and Minority & Backward Class Welfare initiatives.

➢ ₹166 crore is provided under the Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Students.

➢ ₹25 crore is provided under Scheme for Development of other Backward Classes and denotified nomadic and semi-nomadic Tribes

➢ ₹87 crore is provided for Pre-matric Scholarship-SC & ST Students

➢ ₹30 crore is provided for Odisha PVTGs Empowerment & Livelihood Improvement Programme(OPELIP)

  1. Education, Sports and Skill Development:

Total ₹2,084 crore is allocated for education, sports and skill development sector.


➢ ₹39 crore for State’s Support to MDM Mid-Day Meal (MDM) and ₹306 crore for Mo School Abhiyan

➢ ₹301 crore has been provided for Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya

➢ ₹67 crore has been provided for Non-Govt Aided High School and ₹22 crore for Non-Govt. Primary & UP Schools

➢ ₹50 crore has been provided for Infrastructure Development of Universities and Colleges

➢ ₹135 crore has been provided for GIA to Non-Govt. Colleges

➢ ₹26 crore has been provided for Scholarship under Higher Education Department

➢ ₹508 crore is provided towards Development & Management of Sports Infrastructure.

➢ ₹25 crore is provided towards Odisha State Self Employment Mission

➢ ₹22 crore is provided towards Infrastructure Development of Engineering Schools / Polytechnics

  1. Rural Development:

Total allocation of ₹552 crore for rural housing, wage employment, provision of drinking water and rural infrastructure.

➢ ₹550 crore is provided for Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) G. Urban Development:

Total allocation of ₹782 crore for Urban Development.

➢ ₹337 crore is provided under Urban Sanitation Scheme and ₹10 crore is provided for Improvement of Urban Governance

➢ ₹296 crore is provided under Smart City and ₹33 crore is provided under Prime Ministers Awas Yojana (PMAY)

➢ ₹71 crore is provided under Central Sector Scheme Cities Investment to Innovate, Integrate & Sustain (CITIIS)

  1. Energy, IT, Commerce, Transport and R&D:

Total allocation of ₹388 crore for Energy, IT, Commerce, Transport and R&D sectors taken together.

➢ ₹49 crore is provided as Financial assistance to OSRTC

➢ ₹188 crore is provided for construction of Bus Terminals and related Infrastructure

➢ ₹2 crore is provided for Development of Minor Ports

➢ ₹3 crore is provided for State Capital Project

➢ ₹9 crore is provided towards Ama Ghare LED Light

  1. Promotion of Culture and Tourism:

Total allocation of ₹128 crore for promotion of Culture and Tourism.

➢ ₹99 crore is provided towards Tourist Information and Publicity.

➢ ₹25 crore is provided for the Directorate of Culture.

  1. FRBM Compliance and Supplementary Budget, 2022-23:

The Supplementary Statement of Expenditure, 2022-23 is FRBM compliant as the provision has been made against resource back up in the form of either adjustment against savings/ surrender or additional revenue. With this Supplementary Budget, it is projected to maintain revenue surplus, contain fiscal deficit within 3% of GSDP and maintain the debt-GSDP ratio at the year-end within the mandated level of 25%. Till September, 2022, the debt to GSDP ratio is 12.6% and the Interest Payment to Revenue Receipt ratio 2.8%. The capital outlay for the year 2022-23 will exceed 5.5% of GSDP including the Supplementary provision. This will help in boosting the economic growth and at the same time enable the State to carry forward different developmental and welfare programmes.

  1. Department-wise Net provision in 2022-23 (BE) and Supplementary:


(₹ in crore) D. No. Department 2022-23 (BE) Supplementary
1 Home 6,409.56 305.06
2 General Administration & Public Grievance 534.13 48.28
3 Revenue and Disaster Management 1,511.26 29.52
4 Law 607.60 91.06
5 Finance 58,555.78 4253.60
6 Commerce 183.59 2.76
7 Works 8,382.93 134.69
8 Odisha Legislative Assembly 187.84 1.12
9 Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare 1,205.35 168.08
10 School and Mass Education 20,636.10 921.81
11 ST & SC Development, M&BC Welfare 4,091.99 528.36
12 Health and Family Welfare 12,342.46 1101.51
13 Housing and Urban Development 7,257.56 782.04
14 Labour & Employees State Insurance 195.45 17.06
15 Sports and Youth Services 910.87 515.13
16 Planning and Convergence 3,034.80 0.78
17 Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water 21,741.44 854.95
18 Public Grievances & Pension Administration 2.21 0.00
19 Industries 646.40 602.76
20 Water Resources 10,044.96 1595.56
21 Transport 1,192.35 253.00
22 Forest and Environment 1,111.87 259.24
23 Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment 6,446.12 143.65
24 Steel and Mines 182.82 0.37
25 Information and Public Relations 129.39 12.61
26 Excise 158.21 5.59
27 Science and Technology 186.64 2.69
28 Rural Development 6,966.64 552.26
29 Parliamentary Affairs 83.89 6.69
30 Energy 3,482.48 45.23
31 Handlooms, Textiles & Handicrafts 203.15 121.25
32 Tourism 590.24 99.55
33 Fisheries and ARD 1,657.54 14.82
34 Co-operation 1,841.14 13.04
35 Public Enterprises 10.35 0.00
36 Women & Child Development & Mission Shakti 3,566.62 175.46
37 Electronics & Information Technology 301.61 87.88
38 Higher Education 2,836.07 319.51
39 Skill Development & Technical Education 810.68 62.78
40 M.S and M.E 622.66 0.51
41 SSEPD 3,705.61 4.36
42 Disaster Management 3,262.37 2635.46
43 Odia Language, Literature and Culture 169.28 29.94
44 Mission Shakti 2,000.00 0.00
Grand Total 200,000.00 16800.00
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