Sambalpur University Assistant Professor Suspended Over Harassment Allegations

Sambalpur: An assistant professor at Sambalpur University has been suspended following allegations of mental and physical harassment made by a female student.

The accused assistant professor, Shukamuni Meher, is part of the Odia department. He was suspended after a formal written complaint was submitted by the student, accusing him of harassment.

The university received the complaint from the student last evening. In it, she detailed her experiences of harassment by the assistant professor in her department.

The university has taken the matter seriously and has suspended the accused professor pending an investigation. The investigation will be conducted by the Internal Complaint Committee (ICC).

This is the second such incident at Sambalpur University in recent months. In August, a female assistant professor in the Political Science Department brought forward allegations of harassment against a male colleague in the same department.

The university has assured that it is committed to addressing allegations of harassment seriously and ensuring a safe environment for its students and faculty members.

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