SJTA Announces Revised Darshan Timings For New Year; Check Details

Puri: New year plans were finalised on Wednesday during a meeting of servitors and other officials presided over by Puri collector Samarth Verma. According to the decision made at the meeting, the Singhadwar of the Jagannath temple would close early on December 31 and reopen at 1 AM on January 1, according to a Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) official.

Further, it has been decided to remove all vendors from the area between Singhadwar and Market Square in order to accommodate more devotees who will be lined up and waiting in line. From December 31 to January 2, the authorities will conduct an eviction effort in “the no vending zone.”

Senior citizen-specific sheds will be built, and the current roadblocks will be extended further. Additionally, booths will be built from Singhadwar to Market Square to provide drinking water to the devotees lined up in the queue. Additionally, there will be an ambulance service available.

A new shoe stall will be added to the ones already there in Market Square. According to the official, an LED display will be erected on the stretch so that worshippers can stay up to date on the deities’ rites.

There will be free parking available for worshippers who arrive in cars at Jagannath Ballav, Sharadhabali, SCS College Square, Barabati Jaga, and Loknath Road. Visitors can park their cars in the Puri Municipality’s parking lot by paying a fixed parking fee.

Special plans will be made to deploy more police both inside and outside the temple for the security of the worshippers.

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