Supreme Court Rejects HC Bench Demand; Deplores Conduct of Protesting Lawyers In Sambalpur

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled out any possibility of the formation of a permanent bench of the Orissa High Court in western Odisha, dealing a significant blow to the continuing drive for one. The top court took a harsh stance against the lawyers who protested in demand.

Justices SK Kaul and Abhay S. Oka’s bench, which was hearing a case involving demonstrations by lawyers in the State calling for the establishment of a permanent High Court bench in Sambalpur, issued the ruling.

“There is no question of setting up Benches. The passage of time and the use of technology has made the demands obsolete. The use of technology is quite widespread now and monitored by the Orissa HC. No need for additional bench exits,” the bench said.

The court further stated that such irrational demands could not be met when moving or building HC benches.

” We condemn the conduct of striking lawyers who burnt an effigy…the police should have effected preventive arrest and such people should have been in custody for some time at least…We have put the burden on the police authorities to treat criminals like criminals,” the bench sneered at the lawyers protesting over the demand.

“There is no hope for the formation of a bench. Even if there was some possibility, that is lost now with their conduct,” the bench added.

The court also noted that there are competing demands, including one from the Bhubaneswar Bar Association that the High Court be moved to Bhubaneswar, for the establishment of benches.

Such irrational requests cannot be met. The court stated, “We are putting this in the order to foreclose the issues.”

The court further remarked that the police’s management of the lawyers’ strike was an utter disaster.

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