Sweta’s Friend Divulges Startling Information About Her Relationship With Soumyajit

Bhubaneswar: The sensational death case of software engineer Sweta Utkal Kumari is taking new turns day by day. The techie’s death case is getting adequate blows from the deceased’s parents as well as the mutual friends of Sweta and her alleged boyfriend Soumyajit.

On Thursday, the death case investigating Bhubaneswar police has recorded the statement of the deceased’s friend who divulged some startling information about Sweta’s relationship with Soumyajit.

One of her friends said, “For the last six months, Sweta and Soumyajit were not on good terms. But, Soumyajit had started ignoring her after his admission into XIMB. Sweta was well aware of the fact that Soumyajit had betrayed three girls before falling in love with her. So, Sweta had insisted him to get married if he wanted to continue the relationship.”

She further added: “Sweta’s parents had visited Soumyajit’s house in Sambalpur where the latter’s parents informed that Soumyajit had taken a study loan to pursue MBA and told them (Sweta’s parents) for the repayment.”

Talking about intimate photos of the duo, Sweta’s friend said, “Yes I knew it. Sweta had once told me that she is afraid because Soumyajit had her intimate pics saved in his phone. I know her since 2013. She was very loyal and honest. During Covid, she took care of Soumyajit like a mother.”

Meanwhile, police have obtained some portions of Sweta’s diary. Sweta is believed to have written it many days back when she was on good terms with Soumyajit. About her relationship with Soumyajit, she had written, “Our rapport is getting stronger day by day.”

On another page, she had written, “Soumyajit had accepted me as his wife. God please take away all our suffering.” In the end, she had written- ‘Soumyajit loves Sweta’.

On the other hand, family members of Sweta today met Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh and informed him about the relationship Sweta used to share with her boyfriend Soumyajit Mohapatra.

Sweta, a resident of Bhadrak, who worked with a reputed IT company in Bhubaneswar, was believed to be in a relationship with Soumyajit. The family members of the deceased alleged that she took the extreme step after being blackmailed by her boyfriend.

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