Can Rain Be Stopped For Cricket Matches?

Cricket, because of its nature, is largely reliant on weather conditions including rain, fog, heat, and humidity. However, rain is regarded as the heartless stopper of the game.

Teams can lose matches and tournaments due to the rain. At times it can also save them from humiliating losses.

Given the number of games that have been called off due to rain in recent times, including games in the just-concluded T20 World Cup 2022, where as many as seven games were impacted by rain, it is important to consider an alternative: Can we actually stop rain for cricket matches?

As strange as it may sound, there are actually two ways to regulate rainfall. One, a chemical can be fired into clouds to “seed” them and make them more coherent at producing ice crystals that melt to form showers, effectively draining the skies – an attempt to induce rain before it reaches the event. Otherwise, a coolant that increases the number of water droplets in the cloud formations can be utilized, which will reduce the size of the clouds and lessen the likelihood that they will rain.

Many scientists, however, are skeptical about the implementation of such climate manipulation programs for sporting events, claiming that such changes can impair the structure and operation of terrestrial ecosystems.

Nonetheless, cricket events and bilateral series can be scheduled more efficiently so as to prevent rain delays, curtailments, or abandonment of a game.

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