Fans Outraged as India vs Pakistan World Cup Tickets Sell for Up to ₹56 Lakhs

Tickets for the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan match at the 2023 Cricket World Cup are selling for up to ₹56 lakhs in the secondary market. This has sparked concerns about the authenticity and fairness of the ticketing process.

The tickets are being sold on Viagogo, a popular ticket-selling website. Viagogo claims to be the “world’s largest source of live entertainment tickets.” However, its role in facilitating these high-priced transactions has drawn criticism.

Some fans have questioned how such pricing is possible when all tickets are officially distributed through BookMyShow, the authorized ticketing partner for the World Cup. BookMyShow has not commented on the matter.

The high demand for tickets is not limited to the India vs Pakistan match. Tickets for other India matches in the 2023 World Cup are also selling for a premium. For example, tickets for the India vs Australia match are being listed at ₹2.85 lakhs, while tickets for the India vs England match are being sold at ₹2.35 lakhs.

The high ticket prices have stirred a debate about accessibility and affordability for cricket fans. Some fans have argued that the prices are too high and are out of reach for many people. Others have said that the high prices are a reflection of the high demand for tickets to these matches.

The ICC, the governing body of cricket, has not commented on the high ticket prices. However, it has said that it is committed to ensuring that fans have access to tickets at an affordable price.

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