New feature of Instagram to update soon; Underage can’t see unwanted content

The usage of Instagram has increased a lot with time. Specifically, youngsters use this app a large number. To keep itself up to date, the app usually adds new features very often. The reel feature of this app has been used and liked by millions of people. Especially youngsters use this feature a lot. But because of the excess use of the app, the parents of these youngsters are worried about the kids. Some contents are often sensitive and can create a bad influence on the mind of youngsters.

To solve this problem, Instagram is soon going to update a new feature. This feature is a big relief for the parents as it will not allow youngsters less than 16 years of age to see sensitive and unwanted content. Searching any kind of sensitive and unwanted content on Instagram for this age group of youngsters will be made difficult. This update will be done in the privacy policy part of the app. According to the information, within a week of the launch of this feature, the update will be available to all.

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