2.5 Crore Take Part in World’s Largest Pilgrimage in Iraq

Around 2.5 crore people from around the world participated in the Arbaeen, a pilgrimage observed by the Shia Muslim community, that concluded in Iraq’s Karbala on Wednesday.

It is being reported as the world’s largest pilgrimage. It was earlier been banned for nearly 35 years during the rule of Saddam Hussein, who favoured the Sunni sect.

Over one lakh Shia Muslims from India had travelled to Karbala for Arbaeen, which means ‘forty’ and signifies the forty-day mourning period.

In the Shia tradition, a revolutionary leader Hussein ibn Ali, known as Imam Hussein was killed in a battle in Karbala in the seventh century. Yazid killed Imam Hussein and imprisoned his family.

Imam Hussein’s sacrifice has been honoured every year with crores of devout Shia Muslims from around the world travelling to Iraq to mourn for their fallen leader at his Dargah in Karbala.

Pilgrims reach the shrine by walking from Najaf which can take three days.

Iran and Iraq work together for the success of the Arba’een Yatra.


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