Accused of LS Security Breach Wanted to Draw Attention towards Unemployment, Manipur, Farmers’ Issues

New Delhi: Six people, five of whom are now arrested, planned for over 18 months for the Parliament security breach on December 13. As per reports, during interrogation, the accused persons told police that the breach was aimed at drawing the government’s attention to issues like unemployment, farmers’ troubles and Manipur violence.

The accused allegedly stated that they used colour smoke to draw the attention of lawmakers to make them hold discussions on these issues.

The security agencies are investigating whether they were being instructed by anyone else or any organization.

While being taken away by police personnel, one of the protesters told reporters, “We do not belong to any organisation. We are students and we are unemployed. Our parents work as labourers, and farmers, and some are small shopkeepers. An attempt is being made to suppress our voices.”

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