All Parliament Suspensions Revoked Ahead Of Budget Session Tomorrow

New Delhi: The suspension of 11 Rajya Sabha MPs has been lifted ahead of the Budget Session of Parliament, scheduled to commence tomorrow. The suspension of a total of 146 MPs, comprising members from both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, took place last month during the Winter Session. The MPs had been suspended for staging protests, urging Union Home Minister Amit Shah to provide a statement regarding the security breach in Parliament.

Of the 146 suspended MPs, 132 were initially barred from participating in the remainder of the session. However, their suspension was automatically revoked as the session concluded. The cases of the remaining 14 MPs, including 11 from the Rajya Sabha and 3 from the Lok Sabha, were referred to the privileges committees of both Houses.

The Privileges Committee of the Lok Sabha had already lifted the suspension of the 3 Lok Sabha MPs on January 12. Now, the suspension of the 11 Rajya Sabha MPs has been revoked, marking a resolution to the controversy.

The Opposition had strongly demanded a statement from the Home Minister during the Winter Session, alleging that the suspension of MPs was a tactic by the government to pass crucial bills without proper discussion. In response, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla emphasized that the security inside the House falls under the purview of the secretariat and asserted that the government cannot intervene in those responsibilities.

During the unsettling incidents in the Lok Sabha chamber last month, two intruders drew attention by jumping from desk to desk and deploying coloured smoke canisters. The individuals stated that their objective was to highlight issues such as the violence in Manipur, unemployment, and farmers’ problems. This incident raised concerns and led to a renewed focus on the security measures in Parliament.

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