At least 18000 Indians Stranded in Israel

At least 18000 Indian citizens are stranded in Israel in the midst of the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The stranded Indians within Israel’s borders include caregivers, IT professionals, and students. Several Indian tourists are also stranded in Israel.

Approximately a thousand students pursuing their academic dreams face the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.

Numerous IT professionals, contributing to the technology sector, are also grappling with the situation. Additionally, diamond traders involved in commerce are encountering similar challenges.

The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv is flooded with requests from Indian tourists who found themselves stranded in the country, yearning for a safe passage back to India. Many of these tourists were travelling in groups.

Several businessmen are also caught up in the sudden violent turmoil are also seeking evacuation.

Around 200 Indian pilgrims and tourists were stranded in Bethlehem due to the violent upheaval. They are now being evacuated to Egypt.

Minister of State for External Affairs, Meenakshi Lekhi, assured the public that the government was actively engaged in efforts to repatriate Indian students facing adversity in Israel.


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