Bengal BJP Leader Joins TMC, Accuses BJP of ‘scripting’ Sandeshkhali Incident

Kolkata: Syria Parveen, a West Bengal BJP leader, who was one of the women who brought out the Sandeshkhali incident, resigned from the saffron party on Thursday and joined the Trinamool Congress (TMC). Speaking to newsmen, she accused the BJP of “scripting the entire sandeshkhali incident”.

In a presser, the former BJP leader, Parveen accused the BJP of giving money to its Basirhat Lok Sabha candidate Rekha Patra. Parveen’s grave accusition came ahead of voting in Basirhat.

“In Sandeshkhali and Basirhat, I tried to be with women who had alleged molestation and harassment. I was fighting for the truth. Later I saw that this was only a story, a script. Mobile, media and money were used in this. And they (BJP leaders) gave instructions through this,” Parveen said while speaking to the media.

Parveen also claimed to have “many pieces of evidence” to prove that BJP leaders “scripted” the Sandeshkali incident.

She accused the BJP leaders of using “sim cards and phones” to give instructions to manipulate the women of Sandeshkhali.

The Basirhat Lok Sabha seat is witnessing a fight between TMC’s Haji Nurul Islam and BJP’s Rekha Patra.

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