Centre Tables ‘White Paper’ on Indian Economy Before & After 10 Years of UPA Rule: Key Points

New Delhi: In a scathing critique ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Centre released a comparative ‘White Paper’ assessing the economic performance of the UPA government against the decade under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The document accuses the UPA of squandering the robust economy it inherited, labelling it a “lost decade” marked by economic mismanagement and a lack of foresight.

It accuses the government of failing to sustain this momentum, leading to:

  • Economic Mismanagement: High inflation (8.2% average), fiscal deficit, and unproductive borrowing.
  • Infrastructure Neglect: Delayed projects and unspent funds in key sectors.
  • Social Sector Shortcomings: Unutilized budgets for crucial programs.
  • Defence Preparedness Gaps: Shortages of equipment and slow decision-making.
  • Investment Decline: Policy missteps hampered private investment.
  • Major Scams: 2G spectrum, coal block allocation, Commonwealth Games irregularities, and others.

In contrast, the Narendra Modi government, which took office in 2014, is credited with implementing reforms that have revitalized the economy and elevated India’s global standing. However, the document acknowledges that challenges remain on the path to achieving developed nation status by 2047.

The release of the White Paper sets the stage for parliamentary discussions, with the Congress expected to offer a robust rebuttal. The party had previously presented a “Black Paper” targeting the current government, criticizing its handling of issues such as job creation, price rise, and economic inequality.

Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge condemned the Centre’s focus on criticizing the Congress rather than addressing pressing issues facing the country, accusing the government of spreading lies through its campaigns.

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