Cheating by AI-Aided Fake Video Call in Kerala

New Delhi: Now fraudsters have started to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to con gullible victims. Kerala Police’s Cyber Crime Wing came across a first-of-its-kind case, in which AI technology was used to make a fake video call to extort money from a victim.

The Cyber Operations Wing managed to retrieve Rs 40,000 that was extorted from the complainant. The fraudster behind this AI-based cheating is yet to be identified.

The fraudster used AI to deceive the victim, Radhakrishnan. The cheat presented AI generated live image of a former colleague of the victim during a WhatsApp video call.

Claiming to be in Dubai and in need of money for his relative’s treatment, the fraudster convinced Radhakrishnan to part with Rs 40,000, through the AI-generated video call.

But when the fraudster attempted to extort an additional Rs 35,000, Radhakrishnan grew suspicious and contacted his friend directly to know that he has been cheated.

Upon receiving the complaint, the Cyber Operations Wing of the Kerala police took action, leading to the recovery of the lost amount from the fraudster.

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