Chennai Start-Up’s Agnibaan Rocket Launch Called Off

New Delhi: The test launch of Agnibaan SOrTeD (Suborbital Tech Demonstrator) rocket of, Agnikul Cosmos, a private space start-up in India, was called off just seconds before lift-off.

The Agnibaan rocket, which weighs 575 kg and is 6.2-metre long, was supposed to lift off from Sriharikota before plunging down into the Bay of Bengal.

The Agnibaan SOrTeD is powered by a semi-cryogenic engine that uses commercially available aviation turbine fuel, essentially kerosene and medical-grade liquid oxygen, says Moin SPM, co-founder of Agnikul Cosmos Private Limited.

This marks the fourth postponement for the AgniKul Maiden rocket launch, which is facing a series of technical issues.

The Agnikul team comprises of many engineers in their 20s.

The first launch attempt of the Agnibaan was made on March 22, which was abandoned during the countdown. The last attempt was made on April 7, which was called off a minute before lift-off.

Agnikul Cosmos was founded in 2017 by two young aerospace engineers.

Agnikul follows up on the first launch by an Indian space company, Skyroot Aerospace Private Limited, which in 2022 flew a solid fuelled sounding rocket from Sriharikota. Once Agnibaan rockets become operational, Agnikul hopes to undertake launch on demand and launch 30 to 300 kg satellites into space.

Agnikul has already attracted an investment of 40 million dollars and has a team of 250 members.

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