PM Modi Reveals Why He Sacrificed Relations With Naveen Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: The Lok Sabha and Assembly elections seem to have soured the earlier ‘bonhomie’ between PM Modi and Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik. In an exclusive interview to ANI, the Prime Minister revealed the reason behind it.

PM Modi said, “In a democracy we have good terms with all leaders of political parties. In a democracy, we do not have enmity. Now the question was whether I should maintain my relations or worry about the fate of Odisha. Hence, I chose to devote myself to the bright future of Odisha even if have to sacrifice my relations for that; I will do it and after the elections, I will convince everyone that I have no enmity with anyone.”

In this interview, the PM again reiterated that there will be a change in government in Odisha. He also attacked the ruling BJD for its ’25 years of misgovernance’.

“I have said that the expiry date of the current Odisha government is June 4 and on June 10, the BJP CM will take oath in Odisha,” said PM Modi.

“It is a question of Odisha’s Asmita. Odisha has abundance of natural resources; it is sad to see poor people in such a prosperous state. Odisha is among the prosperous states of India. It has so much natural wealth and Odisha is also among the states of poor people of India, so the government is responsible for this; and the people of Odisha should get their rights and its pride,” PM Modi added.

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