Countrymade Liquor Kills 2 in Dry Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Two labourers from Lihoda village in Gandhinagar district died after consuming countrymade liquor in Gujarat, where sell and consumption of liquor is completely banned. Five more persons of Lihoda village are under medical observation as a precautionary measure. The deceased were identified as Vikram Thakor (35) and Kanaji Jhala (40).

The post-mortem report stated that methyl alcohol was absent in the blood of the deceased. So, this was not the case of hooch tragedy. However the blood samples of the deceased had an alarming 370% alcohol content. Usually blood alcohol level of around 350% can cause death.

It is suspected that the duo died due to consumption of excessive amount of alcohol.

Typically, countrymade liquor contains 12-15% alcohol by volume (ABV), but in this specific instance, it registered at a higher concentration of 22%.

Gujarat is a ‘dry’ state where manufacture and sale of liquor is banned. The Gujarat Prohibition Act states that the police can arrest a person for purchasing, consuming, or serving alcohol without a valid license or permit, with punishment ranging from three months to five years imprisonment.

In July 2022, at least 45 people lost their lives in a hooch tragedy in Botad district.

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