Delhi HC Allows Termination of 27-Week Pregnancy of Widow in Mental Trauma

New Delhi: A 23-year-old widow in extreme mental trauma was allowed to terminate her 27-week pregnancy by the Delhi High Court on Thursday. The court considered her state of extreme mental trauma following the death of her husband.

Justice Subramonium Prasad allowed the petition after considering the submissions and psychiatric evaluation report of the petitioner. She was found to be suffering from severe depression with suicidal ideation.

Justice Prasad said, “The psychiatric evaluation report of the AIIMS indicates that the petitioner is suffering from extreme trauma due to the death of her husband.”

Justice Prasad said, “This Court is of the opinion that, at this juncture, the petitioner should be permitted to terminate her pregnancy because allowing the petitioner to continue with the pregnancy can impair the mental stability of the petitioner as she is showing suicidal tendencies.”

The woman was permitted to undergo the abortion procedure at AIIMS even though she has crossed her gestation period of 24 weeks.

The husband of the woman had died on October 9, 2023.

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