Delhi Police Ready to Use Sonic Weapon Against Agitating Farmers, Know What it Is

New Delhi: Police are taking all possible measures to stop the ‘Delhi Chalo 2.0′ march of over 200 farmer unions, and around one lakh farmers.

According to NDTV, Delhi police have deployed LRADs, or Long Range Acoustic Devices, or crowd-control sound cannons to counter the agitating farmers. The sound wave bursts of these LRADs can puncture the human ear drums.

LRADs function as uni-directional (or one-directional), non-lethal, sonic weapons. They can fire bursts of very loud sounds that can damage protesters’ hearing.

The LRAD was developed by the United States military in the early 2000s.

Delhi Police procured five such LRADs in 2013 as part of its efforts to counter protests and dharnas in the city. Ecah LRAD cost over Rs 30 lakh.

Police have blocked key border points that link Delhi to satellite towns in neighbouring states, such as Noida and Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh, and banned large gatherings till March 12.

Meanwhile, to counter the dropping of tear gas shells by drones by Haryana police, the protesting farmers have started flying kites. The strings of kites can get entangled to a drone’s rotors causing it to crash.

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