Four Pairs of New Trains Approved for Mayurbhanj Dist in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Railway Ministry has approved four pairs of new trains to Odisha.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, in a release on Tuesday, said this is the first time that Tata-Badampahar route will have Mail/Express train connectivity.

The new trains are Kolkata (Shalimar)-Badampahar-Kolkata (Shalimar) Weekly Express, Badampahar-Rourkela-Badampahar Weekly Express, Rourkela-Tatanagar-Rourkela (6 days a week) and Tatanagar- Badampahar- Tatanagar (6 days a week).

Shalimar-Badampahar-Shalimar Weekly Express will leave Shalimar at 23.05 hrs every Saturday and reach Badampahar at 05.40 hrs next day. In the return direction, the train will leave Badampahar at 21.30 hrs every Sunday and arrive at Shalimar at 05.00 hrs next day. It will stop at Santragachi, Kharagpur, Jhargram, Ghatsila, Asanboni, Tatanagar, Bahalda Road, Aunlajori and Rairangpur.

Badampahar-Rourkeka-Badampahar Weekly Express will leave Badampahar at 06.10 hrs every Sunday and reach Rourkela at 11.40 hrs same day. In the return direction, the train will leave Rourkela at 14.20 hrs every Sunday and arrive at Badampahar at 19.25 hrs. It will stop at Rairangpur, Aunlajori, Bahalda Road, Tatanagar, Sini, Rajkharswan, Chakradharpur, Goilkera and Manoharpur.

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