France to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right of Women

France’s Senate on Wednesday passed a bill to include a woman’s right to an abortion in the constitution of the country. This development in France is in sharp contrast to a rollback in abortion rights in the United States.

The lower house of France’s National Assembly overwhelmingly approved the proposal in January. Now the proposal will be placed before a joint session of parliament next week for its expected approval by a three-fifths majority next week.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on X, “Making women’s right to have an abortion irreversible by enshrining it in the constitution.” He would convene a joint session of parliament for a final vote on Monday.

The senate adopted the bill on a vote of 267 in favour, and 50 against. None of France’s major political parties represented in parliament has questioned the right to abortion, which was decriminalised in 1975. So, Monday’s joint session at the Palace of Versailles is expected to be largely a formality.

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